Better Hygiene and Safety with New Antibacterial Tiles

Keeping in mind that safety and hygiene are the need of the hour, Asian Granito India Limited (AGL) has launched the “Porcellanto Tuff Guard Antibacterial” tiles (TAB).’ Available in 600mm x 600mm size, these versatile tiles have an antibacterial glaze that contains silver ions homogeneously spread out throughout the matrix to minimize the growth and spread of bacteria and germs.

AGL says that the tiles have been found to be more than 99% effective when tested under the JIS Z 2801:2010 Anti-Bacterial testing protocol. In addition to providing protection against germs, the collection has other useful characteristics like anti-skid surface, stain and high abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, durability, chemical & alkaline resistance. This makes the tile well suited for high-traffic public areas in hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, gyms, clubs, clinics, and labs. The TAB range of tiles is available in 25 plus designs with a matte finish. 

Kamlesh Patel, Chairman, and Managing Director, Asian Granito India Ltd says, “Science and aesthetics have come together to improve living spaces. The Tuff Guard Antibacterial Tile is a solution to create living spaces that are more hygienic and safer.”