Experience Design in Retail Spaces

Have you felt warm and comfortable while browsing through the inviting displays in a bedding store? According to Munish Chopra, the founder of Yellow Worldwide, this is not a coincidence. The soft pillows surrounding the bed, the variety of colours, and even the smallest plant decorations are all meticulously planned by retail designers. Through the use of stimulating imagery and visuals, retail designers customize the store displays to appeal to invite and entice customers—and propel a sale. 

Discussing various principles of retail design in the webinar “Experience Design in Retail Space,” Chopra uses examples of his own projects to illustrate how customer experience is transformed. Showcasing his work with Mulmul (a high-end boutique),Spread Spain (a premium bed linen brand), and various other stores he explains how to use contrast, designs, and texture to attract consumer’s attention. He also highlights the different ways of structuring setups for exhibitions, storefronts, and window displays based on client needs.

Chopra doesn’t spare any store from scrutiny, including the Jagdish Store. Prior to the renovation, he describes the store as “too clinical,” and illustrates how he transformed it into a homely and welcoming space. To see the full results, watch the webinar on YouTube here as a part of the webinar series “Discover Design”.