Designing your Dream Wardrobe

Wardrobes are an often overlooked aspect of interior design. The individualistic nature of our clothes and aesthetic necessitates a closer look at how we can design wardrobes to best suit our needs. Here are some fun ideas to improve both the exterior finish and interior spaces of our wardrobes!


The exteriors of a closet space are a part of the interior styling and decor for any bedroom! Your wardrobe doors can tell so much about you, whether you are open and vivacious, or shy and sophisticated. Based on your own ideas (and maybe a few pictures from Pinterest) you can choose the perfect doors for your wardrobe. 

Suggestions you could opt for are:

  • Glass or mirror doors to bring in an element of luxury
  • Sticking to an elegant and simple white minimalist design 
  • Wooden doors and handles for an understated natural and comforting look  
  • Bright colours and panels for a statement piece. 

Interior Spaces

While you can run your creativity wild on the external finishes, the inside of the wardrobe should prioritize functionality. If you have a walk-in closet, you have much more space to play with. However, you can also perfectly organise a small wardrobe to meet your needs.

  • Here are some tips for the interior:
  • Use drawers and shelves for foldable clothes, and hanging space for the flimsy ones.
  • Make sure your hanging rails are at the perfect height for accessibility while also being the right height to fit both long and short clothes.
  • Ensure that your closet space is well-lit both externally and internally.
  • The doors also matter – fit shelves and drawers to the sides for hinged doors and in the middle for sliding doors. 
  • And always leave space for more!

In short, always prioritize accessibility and visibility while structuring your wardrobe, but design the exterior as you please. Ensure sufficient storage space in your closet with drawers, shelves, and hanging spaces, and customize the doors to fit your bedroom aesthetic. Use these tips to fit your wardrobe in your perfect bedroom design!