Integrating Bamboo and Earth in Design

If asked why bricks, cement, and concrete are the best materials for building homes, most people would reply “because they are strong and long-lasting”. But, in an earthquake-prone region, these building materials are completely unsuitable for keeping you safe. And remarkably, it is structures made of bamboo that are the most resilient.

Nepal’s renowned architect, Nripal Adhikari, takes you through his journey of adapting bamboo to modern design and construction in one of JS Institute of Design’s webinars from the series “Discover Design”.

He explains how in the aftermath of the infamous Nepal Earthquake, many concrete structures collapsed while bamboo structures survived the catastrophe. That is when Adhikari’s idea of using bamboo as the primary component in architecture caught on. 

From building libraries and schools to living spaces, Adhikari showcased how specially treated bamboo and innovative fastening methods enable the construction of light, strong and beautiful structures. 

Watch Adhikary talk about the important concepts around bamboo architecture including the anatomy of bamboo, the treatment method for longevity, and innovative joinery techniques on our YouTube here.