Creating a distraction-free home office setup

Sitting down to study and immediately distracted by your phone? Or maybe deciding to finally take on your work just to be irritated by the clutter around your desk? 

With the COVID-19 pandemic, online courses and remote jobs have become much more common. There is an increasing need for a distraction-free work-from-home set-up, but how exactly do we do this in the noise and clutter of our homes?

Designating a work/study area 

This is the first step to creating a good work environment. Try to find a room or a corner away from the kitchen, hall and other crowded areas. This reduces the temptation to leave your work and start chatting. 

Removing clutter

A major reason for distraction could simply be too much clutter in the room. Stray pens, cables, mugs and other trinkets can all act as distractions. Ensure all your material is well organized and remove any unimportant objects to help you focus better!

Using simple decorations

People may often try to over-decorate their workspaces, ultimately leading to cluttering and distractions. A workspace should prioritize functionality, and this can be done in the following manner:

  • Paint the walls of the room white or grey, and use simple furniture pieces.
  • If your set-up is near a window, install roller blinds to control the amount of natural sunlight filtering through. 
  • Use drawers over shelves to make the area seem more clean and orderly.
  • Ensure that necessary supplies (pens, paper etc.) are easy to access. 
  • Try to keep your phone away/on silent, and if essential, keep it out of arm’s reach.

Define your work area and use simple decorations and uncluttered spaces to create a good distraction-free workspace!