The Secret Keys for a Successful Career in Interior Designing

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The Secret Keys for a Successful Career in Interior Designing

Embarking creativity and innovation at every nook and corner of the building, the interior design industry is pulling in more clients than ever.

Recent data released by Statista states that around 19% of house owners are hiring interior designers while more than 67% of business owners hire interior designers.

These data highlight the remarkable career in interior designing. Wanna make your career as well in this industry?

Then start your journey by knowing the interior design courses that we offer at JS Institute of Design along with an idea on secret keys for a successful career in interior designing.

Interior Design Course at JS Institute of Design:

JS Institute of Design, the best institute for interior designing in Delhi offers postgraduate level interior design course for students which offers advanced level interior design education ranging from understanding floor layouts to understanding design basics, 3D space visualisation, and client presentations.

Get to know more about the course below.

Course Description:

PG in Interior Design at JS Institute of Design is a postgraduate degree in interior design is a higher level of education beyond the undergraduate level. 

Master in Interior Designing inculcates advanced level interior design knowledge which instills a great career within the construction arena. This course educates a futuristic aspect of interior design preparing students for an optimistic career in the construction field.

Eligibility Criteria:

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue a PG in Interior Design at JS Institute of Design are as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed any undergraduate degree with a minimum passing mark from any recognised educational institution.

We welcome students from diverse educational backgrounds to take up the learning journey of design from scratch level.

Admission Process:

The admission process to join PG in Interior Design at our college involves the following steps:

Step 1: Register on the application portal and create your account.

Step  2: Log in to your account and apply with the required documents.

Step 3: On selection, the candidate will be called for an interview to assess their skill sets.

Step 4: Secure your seat by paying INR 25,000 within 15 days on clearing the interview and receiving the application letter.

Moving on, get to know about the secret keys that are considered essential for a successful career in interior designing.

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Essential Factors for a Successful Career in Interior Designing:

First of all, understand the kindness of the interior design industry to prepare yourself for a career in it. Starting from 2017, today the interior design industry has come a long way. Take a look below.

Source: Technavio

With notable development, the scope for interior designer is remarkable. Thus, making a career in such a developing industry requires certain key elements which are detailed below.

Professional Education and Training:

Professional education and training are not secret factors, but fundamental factors for interior designers. But, acquiring a proper academic education at a top college like ours, JS Institute of Design, is one of the secret keys to establishing a successful career in interior designing.

Staying in the lane:

Staying updated in the lane of interior design is essential as this field is constantly evolving with new trends, technologies, and materials. 

Stay updated in the field of interior design through workshops, seminars, and online courses. This ensures that your skills remain relevant and competitive.

Establish your signature style:

Mere copying or recreation of some other famous interior designers or companies can never help you establish yourself in the field of interior design.

To make a successful career in interior designing, establishing a unique design style or niche is one of the secret keys. Whether it’s modern, minimalist, eclectic, or sustainable design, having a distinctive aesthetic can attract clients who resonate with your vision.

Build a strong portfolio:

Portfolios are always the decision-making factor that is critically considered when applying for interior design jobs as they illustrate your strengths, weaknesses, style, skills, and potential as an interior designer.

So, showcase your best work in a well-curated portfolio that highlights your creativity, versatility, and attention to detail. A visually compelling portfolio is essential for attracting potential clients and employers.

Create your professional network:

The field of interior design is vast, thus the best way to land suitable career positions is made possible through professional networks.

Cultivate relationships with fellow designers, architects, suppliers, and clients within the industry. Networking can lead to valuable opportunities, collaborations, and referrals that can advance your career.

Strengthen your soft skills:

Beyond technical skills, certain soft skills are essential for a career in interior designing. So, get to work on it and strengthen your soft skills.

Some of the most expected soft skills in interior designers include client communication and management, business marketing, adaptability, flexibility, organisation, team management, etc.

On the whole, putting in the effort to develop these essential factors is the successful step towards an incredible career in interior designing.

Further, get to know career options after interior design courses.

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Career Options in the Interior Design Industry:

A wide range of career options are available in the interior design industry.

Some of the prominent interior designer jobs for freshers include the following:

Job positionsAverage Salary in INR
Interior Designer5 LPA
Design Architect7 LPA
Customer Service Representatives3 LPA
Space Planner4.2 LPA
Furniture Designer4 LPA
Visual Merchandiser5.6 LPA

With further experience, you can grab managerial and administrative-level roles in the interior design industry. 

On the whole, the benefits of interior designing as a career are notable.


If you are planning to establish your career in interior designing, then it is high time for you to develop the essential factors at a constant pace. Get down in the ground of interior design, try, design, analyze, practice, and emerge successful as a gem.


  1. What skills are needed to be a successful interior designer?
  • Creativity
  • Designing skills
  • Drawing Skills
  • Patience 
  • Time Management
  1. What is the highest-paid interior design job? 

The highest-paid interior design job is the Interior Design Project and HR Manager job which has an average salary of INR 9 LPA to INR 14 LPA.

  1. Is interior designing a good career option? 

Yes, interior design is a good career option as the scope after interior design courses is huge as top companies hire interior designers for various roles such as interior designers, space designers, etc both in India and abroad.

  1. How do I start an interior design career? 

One can start a career in interior design by pursuing an interior designing course at a top design college such as ours, JS Institute of Design.

  1. What qualifications do I need for interior design?

The basic qualification expected to be an interior designer is professional education in interior design by pursuing any UG or PG course.