What Should Be Considered When Choosing The Best Advertising Colleges in India?

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best advertising colleges in India

The advertising industry is one of the notable industries that has its hold in almost all industries. Yes, venturing through many top industries such as healthcare, retail, clothing and much more, the advertising field is a great ground.

So, are you planning to make your career in advertising? 

If yes, then it is time to pursue the right advertising course at the best advertising colleges in India. 

To help you out, JS Institute of Design is here with this blog on what to consider when choosing the best advertising college.

Factors to consider when choosing the best advertising college in India:

Finding the right college is the first step towards the best education. Accepting the fact, here are the factors to consider when choosing the best suitable advertising colleges in India.

Ranking and Reputation:

Following the accreditation and related factors, look for ranking and reputation.

Look for colleges with a strong reputation in the field of advertising, marketing, and media studies. Rankings and reviews can provide insights into the college’s standing.

Range of Courses:

As you are planning for a career in advertising, look at what kind of advertising design course is extended in the colleges to identify the best ones.

The best advertising colleges should extend a significant range of relevant courses that can instill the art of creativity and design in the students for a better career in the advertising industry.

Curriculum and Specializations:

On going through the range of courses offered, check for the curriculum of the courses if it covers essential areas of advertising, such as creative strategy, digital marketing, consumer behavior, media planning, and branding.

You can also look for any specialization offered in the advertising courses in India in the colleges you are looking in.

Fees and Scholarships:

The best advertising colleges in India should also offer courses at affordable prices. So, assess the total cost of the program, including tuition, accommodation, and other expenses.

Also, explore available scholarships, financial aid, and flexible payment options to ease the financial burden.

Faculty Expertise:

Examine the college faculty’s level of knowledge as they serve as the main source of instruction for pupils. Thus, your educational outcomes will be greatly impacted by the knowledge of your teachers.

For a better education in advertising, look at the credentials, professional experience, and academic background of the faculty members.

The best design colleges in Delhi such as ours have extraordinary faculty teams with higher levels of education, training and experience in the advertising sector.

Industrial Connection and Guidance:

Strong connections with advertising agencies, media companies, and corporate partners can enhance learning and provide better job opportunities.

So, look if the chosen colleges have industrial tie-ups that can offer you internships and training for a better education in advertising.

Placement Support and Training:

Final important aspect you need to look at to find the best advertising colleges in India is placement support and training.

Look if the college offers proper placement training such as skill development, mock sessions, etc to prepare you for placement agenda. Also, a good college should ensure students have placed properly with the right salary as well via their placement drive.

These are the top factors for you to analyze and look into to find the best advertising colleges in India.

Moving on, JS Institute of Design being one of the leading advertising colleges offers a remarkable advertising course and it is detailed below.

Masters in Advertising, Design, and Digital Communication Offered at JS Institute of Design:

At JS Institute of Design we offer a wide range of design courses and one such best course of ours is PG in Advertising. Here are the complete details of this course.

Course NameMasters in Advertising, Design and Digital Communication
Course DescriptionA post-graduate diploma course called Masters in Advertising, creative & Digital Communication is available to students interested in digital advertisements. It provides students with creative and digital skills tailored to the advertising industry.
Students who complete this course are well-positioned for success in the advertising industry. This course on digital advertising will address the nuances and intricacies of the digital product design elements of advertising.
Level Postgraduate level 
Duration 2 years
Eligibility CriteriaThe basic eligibility criteria to pursue a PG in Advertising at JS Institute of Design is graduation with a bachelor’s degree in any relevant field.
Candidates with prior experience in design and digital communications can also opt for this course to gain academic exposure.
Admission ProcedureStep 1: Fill in the online application form.
Step 2: Submit all the required documents including graduation certificate and address proof.
Step 3: Pay the application fee and complete the application.
Step 4: Attend the Creative Aptitude Test and Personal Interview with your creative portfolio.
Based on the test and interview performance, candidates will be offered admission at the JS Institute of Design

If finding the best college for your advertising course seems like a huge process, you can just choose us as we are one of the best colleges offering advertising courses in a global standard.


Reaching the end, it is a clear route for you now to find the best advertising colleges in India to make your career in the advertising field successful. Start your learning journey for your tomorrow’s career journey in the field of advertisement and digital communication.


  1. Is it good to study advertising?

Yes, it is good to study advertising as the advertisement and digital communication industry is raising higher market value, thus offering significant career opportunities.

  1. What degree should I get for advertising?

One should get at least a bachelor’s degree in advertising for a better career. If you are from another relevant field, you can choose to pursue PG in Advertising as well.

  1. What is an advertising design degree?

Advertising design degree is an exclusive course designed to educate students on the fundamental aspects of advertisement, design and digital communication.

  1. What is an advertising design course?

An advertising design course is the one designed exclusively to inculcate strong designing skills for advertising and digital communication aspects.