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Diplomatically landing in a typical career pathway is not always a fanatic move. Sometimes picking up passion as a career can simulate your life to the best.

Now, it is time for you to learn in detail about the integrated master’s diploma in visual communication and digital design course.

What is an Integrated Master’s in Visual Communication & Digital Design:

Integrated master’s degree visual communication and digital design diploma is an impeccable arts industry-oriented course that inculcates basic to advanced knowledge on various facets such as art direction, graphics, digital design, and visual communication.

This course is a combination of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

This course educates students on a premium level of visual communication techniques, methodologies, art direction modulation, digital design strategies and much more. 

JS Institute of Design being one of the leading design education institutions in India offers a remarkable master of visual communication design diploma degree.

Read more to know more about master visual communication course details.

Course Eligibility and Admission Procedure:

The basic master visual communication course eligibility criteria for pursuing at JS Institute of Design are as follows:

  • Students should have completed 10+2 or higher to be eligible for this course.

Admission to this course is provided based on the candidate’s performance in the creative intelligence test, personal interview and portfolio evaluation

Course Module of Master’s Degree Visual Communication and Digital Design:

Master’s degree visual communication and digital design at JS Institute of Design is designed with a 5-year duration.

Year 1 to Year 3 classes happen in India while Year 4 Academic classes happen in France in collaboration with the Government of France. Year 5 is designed to guarantee paid co-op work in France with 1 week of postgraduate classes and 3 weeks of co-op work every month.

Syllabus of Master’s Degree in Visual Communication:

Master’s degree visual communication course subjects are designed with a motive to provide an extraordinary understanding of the arts and design field.

Here is the syllabus pattern of the master’s degree visual communication and digital design diploma course.

Year 1 – Lab 1 (India) Foundational StudiesYear 2 – Lab 2 (India) Design Principles and Techniques
Analytical DrawingLive Model SketchingOutdoor SketchingColour SketchingCreativity & Illustration Communication Image & Volume Photography Perspective Human Sciences History of Art Project Week FrenchGraphic Design Page Layout & Typography Web Design  Computer GraphicsBranding & Photography Illustration & Writing Motion Design Storyboarding Press Cartoons Graphic Culture Human SciencesInternational Workshop & 3 days Print House InternshipPortfolio French

H3- Short Internship for 1 or 2 months in print houses or digital agencies.

Year 3 – Lab 3 (India) Concepts and Communication With Design
3D Advertising Computer Graphics Editorial Design Motion Design Digital Design Packaging Copywriting Graphic Design Art Direction Human Sciences Portfolio French

Until above, the syllabus falls under the undergraduate facet of the course and here comes the postgraduate part.

Year 4 (Full-time classes in France)Year 5 (3 weeks apprenticeship + 1 week school project for every month)
Editorial DesignManufacturing and Publishing TechniquesPackagingComputer GraphicsVisual Identity Brand DesignMarketingStrategic PlanningBrand ContentDesign ThinkingRetail DesignAdvertising CreationDesign WritingDA/PhotographyProject ManagementDigital StrategyCollected DataSemiology Digital Artistic DirectionStrategies / Live Project Consulting (Publishing and Digital)Project Management Monitoring / News ManagementArtificial Intelligence and Data Analysis SemiologyMarketingSociologyPublic SpeakingStress ManagementEntrepreneurship 

Having seen the master visual communication course details, let us move on to learn more about the course scope, career opportunities and much more.

Scope of visual communication and digital design industry:

The visual communication and digital design industry is a broad spectrum industry that includes enormous sub-facets such as the movie sector, graphics sector, digital design sector, etc.

Each sector holds a great market value offering a great career scope. Take a look at it here.

  • The global visual content market value ranges at around USD 4,000 million in 2021 and is expected to knock higher to a global market value of USD 8,832.6 million by 2028.

Source: Business Wire

  • Graph and digital media design industry is expected to launch higher and here is a percentage-oriented graph of its various global regions.

Source: Statista

As the various digital sectors show great development, a career in digital design is booming remarkably and here is an idea of it.

Career opportunities after master in visual communication and digital design:

Let us see some of the career opportunities after a master’s degree visual communication and a digital design diploma:

Jobs for Visual Communication Design ProfessionalsAverage Salary in INR
2D Animator3,00,000
3D Animator3,55,706
Production Designer4,50,000
Director 37,20,000
Script Writer3,50,000
Digital Painter3,60,000
Medical Illustration Creator15,54,000
Medical Design and Graphics Creator5,40,000
3D Animation Prosthetics Designer6,81,000

As we see, a master’s degree visual communication and a digital design diploma open the door to a wide range of career opportunities thus paving a remarkable career path.

With all possible data provided, now it is time for you to know why choose the JS Institute of Design for your Master in Visual Communication degree.

Reasons to choose JS Institute of Design for your master’s degree in visual communication:

JS Institute of Design is one of the leading design education institutions in India, and here are the best reasons for choosing us for your education:

  • Highly equipped faculties with 10+ years of experience.
  • International workshop opportunities conducted by global professionals.
  • International study opportunity in France for multicultural education.
  • Professional work experience opportunities via co-op paid workshops.


Exploring a career in the most unique possible way is not all people’s choice, but if chosen it offers the best possible experience. A master’s degree visual communication and a digital design diploma is one such unique choice that pulls in a great career pathway with an impeccable learning experience. Try something unique with this course and have a replenishing career.


  1. What can you do with a masters in Visual Communication Design?

Students with masters in Visual Communication design can become animation artists, graphic designers, art directors, digital designers and many more in various fields.

  1. What is visual communication and digital design?

Visual communication and digital design are the art of creating visual content such as images, videos and much more with a digital touch to have a greater impact on the target audience.

  1. What is Masters in visual communication?

Masters in visual communication is a postgraduate degree that offers advanced level education on various strategies, techniques and advancements in the visual communication facet.

  1. Is a Masters in visual communication worth it?

Yes. A master’s in visual communication is worth doing as it offers a unique learning experience and a great career pathway in the remarkably expanding visual communication and design industry of the world.