How can I become an interior designer in 2024?

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One of the fascinating industries that respect creative minds and where creative minds can give structure to their innovative ideas is the interior design industry. 

It is not just an enjoyable working industry, but also a massive developing industry in the interior design industry. On a rising peak, the interior design industry is establishing itself on a greater note in the construction industry with a global value of USD 45.1 billion in 2022.

So, do you think you should establish your career in it? 

If yes, then this blog is for you to let you know how to become an interior designer in 2024.

Tips and Strategies to become an interior designer:

Becoming an interior designer can be made possible by taking up courses and learning relevant concepts, etc. Here are some of the tips and strategies to become an interior designer in 2024.

Tip 1: Take up relevant education

One of the primary suggestions to become an interior designer in 2024 is to take up relevant courses.

You can take up an undergraduate degree in interior design or if you think you need to pursue some other UG degree, then take up short-term interior design courses such as certificate courses, diplomas, etc in parallel.

Tip 2: Start learning basics

Focus on learning the basics of interior design. It is always very important to have strong knowledge in basics to move towards the advanced level education. 

So, start learning the basics of interior design such as colour, balance, space, pattern, harmony, texture, etc.

Tip 3: Explore interior design types

With the knowledge on basics, start exploring types of interior design to implement your basic skills in practice.

Some of the popular interior designs types are as follows:

Interior design typesDescription 
Residential Interior DesignInvolves creating interior design for residential spaces such as houses, apartments, etc wherein you design kitchens, bedrooms, etc.
Commercial Interior DesignInvolves designing spaces used for business purposes such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, and spas with components such as aesthetics, safety, accessibility, etc.
Hospitality Interior DesignInvolves exclusive design hospitality establishments such as hotels, resorts, etc with a warm welcoming tone and luxury.
Healthcare Interior DesignInvolves exclusive designs of healthcare units such as clinics, hospitals, etc with a professional touch balanced with healthcare-supported accessibility.
Institutional Interior DesignInvolves designing institutions such as schools, libraries, museums, etc.

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Tip 4: Get to know interior design categories

There are different styles of interior design. Getting to know them, will help you specialise in the most suitable one for you.

Some of the popular interior design categories or styles.

Traditional 18th and 19th-century European models with classic furniture pieces and intricate designs.
Modern Simplicity and Minimalism is the concept. Incorporates subtle factors such as monochromatic color palettes, geometric shapes, etc.
Contemporary Latest design trends with a combination of dynamic styles and voguish outlooks.
Industrial Functionality-based designs with exposed bricks, metals, etc.
Rustic Emphasizes natural materials like wood, stone, and leather.Creates a cozy, warm atmosphere with earthy tones. Incorporates elements like exposed beams and distressed finishes.

Tip 5: Learn Design Software

Interior design requires an interior designer to have strong design software skills for creating sketches and prototypes.

So, learn software such as CAD, SketchUp, Revit, etc which will be an advantage as an interior designer.

Tip 6: Build a Portfolio

A portfolio will be very useful in showcasing your skills as an interior designer.

Photograph your designs and projects. Showcase different types of projects (residential, commercial, etc.) and styles to demonstrate your versatility.

Tip 7: Take up advanced courses

Upgrade your knowledge in interior design by taking up advanced courses such as a PG in Interior Design at top college as ours, JS Institute of Design.

PG in Interior Design at JS Institute of Design:

JS Institute of Design is one of the popular design colleges in India that offers a range of design courses and it includes a PG in Interior Design.

Here is the complete course detail.

Course Description PG in Interior Design is a postgraduate degree in interior design is a higher level of education beyond the undergraduate level. 
This course inculcates advanced level interior design knowledge which instills a great career within the construction arena. This course educates a futuristic aspect of interior design preparing students for an optimistic career in the construction field.
Eligibility CriteriaThe basic eligibility criteria to pursue a PG in Interior Design at JS Institute of Design are as follows:
Candidates should have completed any undergraduate degree with a minimum passing mark from any recognized educational institution.
We welcome students from diverse educational backgrounds to take up the learning journey of design from scratch level.
Admission ProcedureThe admission process to join PG in Interior Design at our college involves the following steps:
Step 1: Register on the application portal and create your account.Step  2: Log in to your account and apply with the required documents.Step 3: On selection, the candidate will be called for an interview to assess their skill sets.Step 4: Secure your seat by paying INR 25,000 within 15 days of clearing the interview and receiving the application letter.
Career ScopeInterior design scope extends a wide range of career options which are as follows:
Interior DesignDesign ArchitectSpace PlannerFurniture DesignerVisual Merchandiser


On the whole, to become an interior design following the above mentioned tips will be greatly helpful. Making a career in the interior design industry with the proper knowledge will be a great career decision for your future.


  1. Is interior design a good career in 2024?

Yes, as the interior design industry is expected to grow further to value reaching trillions in next decade, interior design is a good career for the future.

  1. Which exam is required for interior designing?

Exams such as JEE Mains Paper 2, UCEED, AIDE, etc are considered for pursuing interior design while certain colleges conduct their own entrance exams.

  1. Which degree is best for interior design?

PG in Interior Design course at JS Institute of Design is the best choice for interior design.

  1. What is the future of interior design?

With notable shift of global population choosing interior design, the future of interior design industry is expected to grow massively, thus expanding its career scope.