How to Develop Your Game Art & Design Skills?

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The gaming industry is one of the trending industries that holds a great market value of USD 242.39 million by 2023.

Are you planning to establish your career in this creative industry?

If yes, do you know what you are supposed to learn? Do you know what kinds of skills are expected in the game industry?

If not, get to know via this blog about the game art & design course and the essential game art design skills.

Game Art & Design Course at JS Institute of Design:

JS Institute of Design, one of the best design colleges in India, extends a great range of design courses which include bachelor degree for game design, i.e., UG in Game Art and Design course.

Here are the course details.

Course Description:

UG Game Art and Design is an undergraduate course of 4 years duration that provides a complete game art designing education that incorporates game designing knowledge right from the fundamentals to becoming an industry-ready professional.

This course holds an exclusive welcome among creative mind students who are interested in establishing their careers in the dynamic gaming industry.

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Procedure:

The basic eligibility criteria to pursue UG Game Art and Game Design at JS Institute of Design are as follows:

  • Candidates should have completed 10+2 or higher at any recognized educational institution.

Admission to the Game Art & Design course at JS Institute of Design is provided by conducting a series of tests that includes a creative intelligence test, personal interview, and portfolio evaluation to assess the performance of the candidate for providing admission to the course.


With the notion to develop a strong foundation with clear game designer skills, the syllabus of UG Game Arts and Design is curated and designed by industrial gaming experts.

Here is the syllabus for the game art and design course.

Year I – Lab I Foundation StudiesYear II – Lab II Game Play and Concepts
Non-digital SketchingAnalytical DrawingLive-model sketchingExterior DrawingColour, Creativity and IllustrationIntroduction to InteractionsCharacter DesignEnvironment DesignGesture DrawingStoryboardingVolume PhotographyPerspective Personal ProjectHuman SciencesHistory of ArtPortfolioFrenchGeneral KnowledgeGaming CultureGame Design & Level Design2D Computer Graphics3D ModelingCharacter DesignConcept ArtEnvironment DesignGame EngineStorytellingPrototypingClay SculptureFrench 

Short Internship – 3 months: 1st Internship to understand the structure of a gaming studio with real-time practice sessions requiring students to submit a weekly report blog and a final internship report at the end of 3 months.

Year 3 – Lab 3 Professional Game Design
Advanced 3DProcedural GenerationPre-productionProject ManagementMediums & TechnologiesStoryboardingRigging / AnimationUI/UXArt directionFrench

Long Internship – 6 months: Intensive gaming internship offering students a key role in the game development process to learn and equip themselves better wherein students will submit weekly blogs and final reports.

Moving on, do you know what game design required skills?

What are the skills required for game art & design?

With the increasing scope for game art and design, it is essential for you to acquire and develop relevant skills with strong game art fundamentals. Take a look at the massive development of the gaming industry.

Source: World Economic Forum

Get to know the essential skills for game art & design below:

Artistic SkillsDrawing and SketchingDigital ArtColour TheoryCompositionAnatomy & Figure
Technical Skills3D ModelingTexturing & ShadingAnimationGame Engines
Design SkillsConcept ArtLevel DesignUser Interface DesignGame Mechanics
Soft SkillsCreativityProblem SolvingTeamworkCommunicationAdaptabilityAttention to DetailOrganisational Skills

With ideas on the game designer skills, let us find out how to develop them.

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Tips to develop your game art & design skills:

The first and fundamental suggestion for developing your game & art design skills is to take professional courses on game designing. Beyond it, here are some tips for you to develop your game design skills.

Strengthen your fundamentals:

Combination of basic aspects always contributed to complicated innovative designs in gaming. So, learn the basics of art and design principles such as color theory, composition, perspective, anatomy, and lighting.

Understanding these fundamentals will provide a strong foundation for your work.

Learn and Experiment with Tools:

Mere theory and bookish knowledge of tools and techniques will never be sufficient for feeding your innovation. So, get to learn a wide range of designing tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Procreate for digital art, and tools like Blender or Maya for 3D modeling. Experiment with different tools to find what works best for you.

Analyse and Learn from Others:

The best way to learn and upgrade your game art & design skills is to analyse and learn from others.

Refer to the work of renowned gaming artists, analyse their designs. Decode, decipher, and learn from them. In addition, online tutorials, forums, and communities can be great resources for learning and inspiration.

Practice and build your portfolio:

While practice is the best force towards skill development in gaming, the portfolio is the silent voice that explains your skills and developments.

So, dedicate time each day to practice your art and design skills. Set specific goals for each practice session, whether it’s sketching characters, designing environments, or experimenting with different art styles.

With sufficient practice and confidence, create a portfolio showcasing your best work in game art & design. Include a variety of pieces that demonstrate your skills across different styles and techniques. Your portfolio should highlight your ability to create compelling characters, environments, and assets for games.

With the remarkable development of game design scope, it is high time that you consider these suggestions for better skill development.

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As a concluding point, we would suggest that you indulge in learning, developing, and practicing game art & design skills from the day you started your academic journey with a game design course. Make yourself better with your gaming skills for an incredible career in the gaming industry.


  1. What skills are needed for game designer?
  • Animation skills
  • Videography skills
  • Creativity
  • Illustration and Storytelling
  • Programming
  1. How do I get good at game art? 

One can become good at game art by consistent practice and learning relevant design tools with patience.

  1. Is being a game artist a good career? 

Yes, game artist is a good career as the gaming industry has been remarkably growing in recent years and is expected to reach USD 242.37 billion by 2032 thus offering a great career scope.

  1. What are the best tools for game art? 
  • Blender
  • GIMP
  • 3ds Max
  • ZBrush
  1. How to design a game for beginners?
  • Develop programming skills and knowledge in any game engine
  • Develop gaming content
  • Prepare your gaming prototype with game engines
  • Demonstrate and seek feedback from experts
  • Correct, iterate development and your game will be ready.